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Ninety white nulliparous young women (18-26 years of age) participated in a double-blind study designed to compare fat patterning and other physical measurements in oral contraceptive (OCA) users and non-users. Oral contraceptive users (N = 30) and non-users (N = 60) were matched on a 1 :2 basis for height and weight. The OCA users and non-users had similar circumference and skinfold measurements, except that OCA users had larger axilla skinfold measurements. Progestational activity of the oral contraceptives was not associated with any measurements taken. However, estrogenic activity was positively correlated with measured body weight, body mass index, and arm and thigh circumferences. Because our study was cross-sectional, our data are preliminary and do not necessarily prove a cause-and-effect relationship. However they suggest a need for continued investigation in this area.