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Since 1971, stature, body-weight and urinary excretion of hydroxyproline, creatinine and urea in 24 hour samples have been measured monthly in five siblings in one family, three girls and two boys. In a previous study, we found that velocities of stature and body weight fluctuated, i.e., there were many peaks and troughs from birth to maturity, but we could not determine which was the adolescent growth spurt among the many spurts observed. We also could not know the biological meaning of any of the peaks or troughs. In the present study, we also processed these variables by the program of Census 11X11 and found that a certain trough of the trendand cycle series in weight velocity and urinary hydroxyproline indicated the initiation time of adolescent growth spurt in both boys and girls. This is the only deciphered trough; the rest of them are left to be decoded. Using the trough, it was revealed that, for the three girls, intervals between initiation time of spurt, S, and menarche, M, are nearly identical, ranging from 28 to 30 months. Furthermore, increments of stature and weight during this interval are the narrow ranges from 15.0 to 16.3 cm and 9.7 to 11.3 kg respectively. The final point of growth, F, only in stature is assumed to be the highest value ever attained, and increments of stature from S to F are also nearly the same ranging from 21.2 to 22.8 cm.