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This paper examines the relationship of childhood asthma and wheezy bronchitis with height, weight and body mass index among the cohort of British children bom during March 3-9, 1958. At age seven those classed as having wheezy bronchitis were shorter and had a higher mean body mass index (BMI) than non wheezy bronchitic children, whereas asthmatics and non-asthmatics were not significantly different in height, weight or BMI. At age 11, however, those with asthma or asthma plus wheezy bronchitis were lighter and had a lower BMI than those with wheezy bronchitis alone and than those with neither condition. By age 16 there were no associations of height, weight or BMI with asthma and wheezy bmochitis considered together. The results are not due to differences in frequency of asthmatics or wheezy bronchitics of different sex, region of birth or social class. Thus the associations of these conditions with height, weight and BMI are seen to vary with age and they eventually disappear.