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Book Review


Genetic and Population Studies in Wales. Edited by Peter S. Harper and Eric Sunderland, vii + 433 pp. University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 1986. $55.00 (Reviewed by Gabriel W. Lasker, Wayne State University) The Creation Controversy: Science or Scripture in the Schools. By Dorothy Nelkin. 242 pp. Beacon Press, Boston, 1982. $9.95. (Reviewed by Kathleen M. MacQueen, State University of New York) Nutrition in Infancy and Childhood, 3rd Edition. By P.L. Pipes, xii + 403 pp. 1985, $17.95. Nutrition in Adolescence. By L.K. Mahar and J.M. Rees, xv + 331 pp. 1984, $19.95. Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation, 3rd Edition. By B.S. Worthington-Robers, J. Vermeersch and S.R. Williams, xiii + 464 pp. 1985, $17.95. Nutrition in Aging. By E.D. Schlenker. xi + 275 pp. 1984, $19.95. Times Mirror/Mosby College Publishing, St. Louis. (Reviewed by Carol Ballew, Northwestern University Medical School) Guide to Fossil Man, Fourth Edition. By Michael H. Day. xvi + 432 pp. Univer­sity of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1986. $37.50. (Reviewed by G. Philip Rightmire, State University of New York)