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Heath-Carter somatotypes were determined on 127 of the 138 female members of 10 South Australian representative games squads (bad- minton, basketball, cricket, hockey, lacrosse, netball, soccer, softball, squash and volleyball). The overall mean somatotype was that of a meso- morph-endomorph (3.8-4-2-2.6). Except for the cricketers, all the group means were located above the ectomorphic axis of the somatochart in the mesomorph—endomorph, endomorphic mesomorph and central catego- ries. A one-way MANOVA, which used Wilks’ lambda as the test statistic, was employed to determine whether there were any statistically significant differences between the 10 group means. This analysis was significant be­yond the 0.05 level. However, subsequent pairwise comparisons by means of Hotelling’s T2 with a Bonferroni adjusted alpha level of 0.0011 indicated that there were no significant differences.