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Associations of bioelectric resistance with anthropometric pa­rameters for stature, weight, upper arm and calf circumferences, and seven skinfold thicknesses were analyzed in 153 young, White men and women. Bivariate correlations of resistance with weight and upper arm and calf circumferences were negative and statistically significant in each sex. There were small, but significant, negative correlations between resistance and subscapular and midaxillary skinfold thicknesses in men, and subscapular, midaxillary, paraumbilical and biceps skinfold thicknesses in women. Step­wise maximum R2 regressions demonstrated that 72% and 75% of the vari­ance in resistance in men and women, respectively, were predicted by stature, weight (in women only), upper arm and calf circumferences, and mean skinfold thickness. Standard errors of prediction were approximately 5.5% (25 ohms) in men, and 5.9% (34 ohms) in women. An index of adipose tissue distribution, log(subscapular/lateral calf) skinfold thick­nesses, was not associated with resistance in either sex.