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The allele frequencies of the ABO, Rh, MNSs, Duffy, P, Kidd and Lutheran blood group systems within populations from the Monterrey Metropolitan area (MMA) Mexico, grouped in accordance with the grand­parent’s place of birth, were ascertained along with those from the popula­tions thought to have contributed to their genetic constitution, i.e., native Indians, Western Europeans (Spanish, Portuguese, French and German), Sephardic Jews and Africans. Genetic admixture and distances were esti­mated, and three dimensional diagrams are presented. It is found that the gene frequencies of the populations in MMA are intermediate to those in the putative ancestrals, indicating that they are Mestizo but with a genetic structure different from that of the Mestizo populations from Central Mex­ico, but similar to the Mexican-American population from South Texas.The populations from MMA have had a predominant influence from the Spanish; other important contributors have been the French, German and Portuguese, and to a lesser degree Sephardic Jews. There is almost no influence from Africans. The greater the number of grandparents that were bom in Nuevo Leon or in zones I or II (Northeastern Mexico) the greater the European influence; the latter decreases when the number of grand­parents that were bom in Nuevo Leon are fewer or when they were bom in the zones of Central or South Mexico, where there has been a greater influence from the native Indians.