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Mid-sagittal curvature of the spinal column from C7 to the posterior superior iliac spines has been measured directly on sixteen healthy, volunteer, college-age females. Locations of the dorsal spines of 10 ver­tebrae (C7, Tl, T4, T8, T12, LI to L5) on each curve have been fit with a univariate curvilinear regression model described by the polynomial equa­tion y = —0.123 + 0.5OOx — 0.027x2 + 0.004x3. Results of the analysis show a relatively flat curve with L4 and T6 characteristically nearest the points of greatest lordotic and kyphotic curves, respectively. Til is closest to the inflection point of the characteristic curve, and 54.5cm2 and 5.8cm2 represent the kyphotic and lordotic areas of each curve.