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The purpose of this study was to determine whether there was a decreased bone mass in amenorrheic oarswomen, athletes who use their back and arm muscles extensively, similar to that previously observed in runners. Sixteen elite lightweight (body weight < 59.0 kg.) oarswomen were classified as to menstrual status according to: regular menses (R), cycles every 23-33 days (n=7); oligomenorrheic (O), cycles greater than 33 days or less than 23 days in length (n=5), sport amenorrheic (SA), less than 2 cycles per year (n = 4). The normal values for height, weight and radial bone measurements were obtained from predictive equations derived from non-athletic females (NA, n=419). A group of non-athletic women with regular menstrual cycles and matched for age, height, weight and race were used as controls for the vertebral bone mineral measurements (CON, n=9). Mean radial bone mineral content (CON = 0.94, R = 0.98, 0 = 0.89, SA=1.09 gm/cm) and vertebral bone mineral content (CON = 1.44, R= 1.67, 0= 1.63, SA= 1.53 gm/cm2) were not significantly different from the non-athletic control subjects.