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In order to estimate the genetic correlation among two types of growth measures, stature and biiliac diameter, a bivariate path analysis was carried out using data collected on twins in the Buffalo, NY area. Intra-pair correlations of stature X stature, biiliac diameter X biiliac diameter, and stature X biiliac diameter were obtained for monozygotic, like-sex dizygotic and unlike-sex dizygotic twins, as well as the intra-individual correlation for all twins of stature X biiliac diameter. The ten correlations were set equal to their expected values under a path analysis model, which allowed for a genetic correlation between the two traits. Results of the path analysis revealed heritabilities of .54 and .51 for stature and biiliac diameter, respectively. The genetic correlation was estimated to be .39, which suggests that the two traits are influenced to some extent by the same genes.