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Skinfold measurements were taken on 206 children: 74 Black boys, 65 Black girls, 35 White boys and 32 White girls aged 11 — 13 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A Lange skinfold (SF) caliper was used to measure four limb SF (biceps, triceps, thigh and calf) and four trunk SF (scapula, axilla, abdomen and iliac). SF profiles showed girls to have greater observed SF thicknesses than boys, although the differences were less pronounced at 11 years than at 13. Whites tended to have larger skinfolds than Blacks at nearly every site in both boys and girls. However, very few of the comparisons of median SF were statistically significant. High multiple R’s (all over .89) were found between all paired SF combinations and total fatness (sum of all other skinfolds) indicating that any combination can be used. The triceps and scapula combination and axilla and thigh combination appear to be the best indicators of total fatness for all classifications of age, sex and race. However, for modesty considerations for measurements in a public setting, the triceps and calf combination is recommended.