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Family resemblance for height and weight was examined in 271 nuclear families and 100 pairs of twins from Andhra Pradesh, India. Although regression of both height and weight on rough indicators of available family resources (occupation of the household head, income, and family size) is significant, the R2 values are low (3-6%). This 3-6% of phenotypic variation explainable by environmental resources is not reflected in path analysis of family resemblance for height and weight. Both variables can be fitted with a model consistent with polygenic inheritance. Transmissibility for weight is estimated at 0.494 ± .065 and for height at 0.704 ± 0.051. These estimates are similar to heritability, except that the effects of common twin environment are significant for both variables and phenotypic assortative mating is significant for weight. A common environmental effect for non-twin sibships was not significant for either variable.