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Malthus Past and Present. Edited by J. Dupaquier, A. Fauve-Cham- oux, and E. Grebenik. p. xix + 416 Academic Press, New York, 1983. $49.00. (Reviewed by William Petersen, Carmel, California) How Humans Adapt. A Biocultural Odyssey. Edited by Donald J. Ortner. xxi + 560 pp. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington,D.C., 1983. $9.95. (Reviewed by A. Roberto Frisancho, University of Michigan) New Interpretations of Ape and Human Ancestry. Edited by R. L.Ciochon and R. S. Corruccini. xxiv + 888 pp. Plenum Press, New York, 1983. $95.00. (Reviewed by G. Philip Rightmire, State University of New York) Developments in Human Reproduction and Their Eugenic, Ethical Im­plications. Edited by C. O. Carter, xii + 240 pp. Academic Press, New York, 1983. $32.00. (Reviewed by Marcha Flint, Montclair State College) Genetics, Evolution, and Disease. Edited by D. H. O’Rourke, G. M. Peterson, and F. E. Johnston, viii + 127 pp. Alan R. Liss, Inc., New York, 1983. (Reviewed by R. A. Halbertstein, University of Miami) The Mismeasure of Man. By Stephen Jay Gould. 352 pp. Norton and Company, New York, 1981. (Reveiwed by Norris M. Durham, University of Northern Iowa)