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The association between ABO blood groups and blood pressure was studied in a population sample of 17 year old Jerusalem residents. Among the 621 boys examined, blood group A was associated with slightly higher mean systolic and diastolic levels than the remaining blood groups ( + 2.0 mm Hg and +1.3 mm Hg respectively). This difference remained after adjustment by analysis of covariance for body mass, seasonality and ethnicity. When blood pressure was stratified into quintiles, a statistically significant linear trend for increasing proportions of group A was evident both for systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Again upon controlling for potential confounders, the association was maintained. Among the smaller (n =399) and less representative sample of girls the findings differed. Blood group A was not associated with higher levels of blood pressure. No Rh blood group-blood pressure relationship was apparent in either sex. The weak association between ABO blood group and blood pressure seen among 17 year old males in this prevalence study, although possibly an artifact or chance finding, is consistent with the increased incidence of hypertension in blood group A reported in the Israel Ischemic Heart Disease Study.