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Their Number Become Thinned. By Henry F. Dobyns. 378 pp. Univer­sity of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, 1983. $14.95. (Reviewed by George R. Milner, Smithsonian Institution) Thermal Sensations and Thermoreceptors in Man. By H. Hensel. vi + 187 pp. C. C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, 1982. $21.75. (Reviewed by Joseph Mannino, University of Wisconsin) Diving and Asphyxia. A Comparative Study of Animals and Man. By Robert Elsner and Brett Gooden, x + 163 pp. Cambridge Uni­versity Press, Cambridge, 1983. $49.50. (Reviewed by Joel M. Hanna, University of Hawaii) Primates of the World: Distribution, Abundance, and Conservation. By Jaclyn H. Wolfheim. xxiii + 832 pp. University of Seattle Press, Seattle, 1983. $57.50. (Reviewed by Michael A. Little, State University of New York)