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Mixed longitudinal data on growth and maturation are presented for 1,048 infants and children from Thailand’s northern Chiang Mai province. Measurements in­clude recumbent length, weight, head, chest and upper arm circumferences, and triceps and subscapular skinfolds. Skeletal maturity is estimated from hand-wrist radiographs using the Gruelich-Pyle method. Anthropometric data demonstrate marked growth retardation after the first year, with most attained and velocity statistics falling below the 10th NCHS percentile. Subjects also lag between a half and one a behind urban middle class Thai peers. Skeletal age falls over 2 cr below U.S. standards by the fourth year. This retardation appears to be of caloric origin and is not related to morbidity. These findings are believed to be the first published for infants and children from Southeast Asia to have a true longitudinal componen