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Bone mineral content (BMC) of the radius was determined for 117 male and 124 female St. Lawrence Island Eskimos volunteers using a Norland-Cameron bone mineral analyzer with an 125I source. Results of this study support earlier findings showing low BMC in northern Eskimos compared to Wisconsin Whites. In particular, Eskimos lose bone starting at earlier ages and at a greater rate than other populations. For St. Lawrence Island males over age 50, the change in BMC of the radius is —5.8% per decade compared with an average loss of 4.0% per decade in Wisconsin White samples. The rate of BMC decrease in Eskimo females older than age 45 is much greater than in males. The average diminution per decade is — 13.9% contrasted to a —10.0% per decade loss in Wisconsin White females. Compared to north Alaska Inupiaq Eskimos, St. Lawrence Island Yupik Eskimos display a remarkably similar pattern of age-related bone loss. This pattern, indigenous to all Eskimos, of rapid loss with age is manifest in both pre- and post-contact Eskimo skeletons throughout the Arctic.