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The pattern of intercorrelation between nineteen variables describing sleep and normal daily activity pattern has been investigated in 735 men and 766 women living in the vicinity of Otmoor, near Oxford. Correlations for these variables within husband and wife partnerships are presented for the 535 married couples in the sample. Sleep and activity pattern variables show similar relationships in both sexes. Principal components were extracted and rotated by varimax rotation in men and women separately. Factor solutions are strikingly similar, and closely resemble the solution derived by similar analysis of another population sample. A consistent pattern of relationship between variables is implied. Husbands and wives show higher levels of correlation for voluntary activities such as bedtime and time of getting up than they do for actual sleep experience. While positive correlation is typical for all these variables, sleep latency (the delay experienced in falling asleep) shows no correlation between spouses, and depth of sleep shows an inverse correlation.