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Dobzhansky’s Genetics of Natural Populations I-XLIII. Edited by R. C. Lewontin, John A. Moore, William B. Provine, and Bruce Wallace. 942 pp. Columbia University Press, New York, 1981. $42.50. (Reviewed by William S. Pollitzer, University of North Carolina) Genes, Radiation, and Society: The Life and Work of H. J. Muller. ByElof Axel Carlson, xiv + 457 pp. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, 1981. $29.95. (Reviewed by Alice M. Brues, University of Colorado) The Environment of the Teeth. Edited by D. B. Ferguson, x + 174 pp.Vol. No. 3, Frontiers of Oral Physiology. S. Karger, Basel, 1981. $58.75. (Reviewed by Robert H. Biggerstaff, University of Kentucky) Physical Anthropology, 3rd Edition. By Gabriel W. Lasker and Robert N. Tyzzer. x + 534 pp. Holt, Rinehardt and Winston, New York, 1981. $20.95. (Reviewed by Leslie Sue Lieberman, University of Florida)