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Body size, physique and body composition were measured on 41 competitive female swimmers 11 through 20 years of age. All but one of the swimmers were post-menarcheal, and were actively engaged in a competitive swimming program. Anthropometric variables included height, weight, selected breadths, girths and skinfolds, and a Heath-Carter anthropometric somatotype. Body composition was determined by hydrostatic weighing procedures. All measurements were taken during the peak of the competitive season. Among the variables measured, only the limb circumferences differed significantly among the three age groups considered: 11-14, 15-17 and 18-20 years. There were no age-associated differences in density (1.0624± .009 g/cc for the entire sample) and percentage fatness (16.2± 3.7%). As a group, the swimmers were meso-ectomorphic, with an average somatotype of 2.9/ 3.7/3.6. Predicted body density in the swimmers, based on seven equations from non-athletic populations of a similar age range, consistently overestimates fatness.