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Book Review


Human Physiological Work Capacity. By R. J. Shephard. xiii-V303pp. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1978. $39.50. (Reviewed by Claude Bouchard, Laval University) Growth and Development of the Child: 25 Years of Internationally Coordi­nated Activities. Edited by F. Falkner and P. Vesin. 258 pp. Cour- rier 30: Special Issue. 1980. $10,00 (paper). (Reviewed by Alex F. Roche, Wright State University) The First Americans: Origins, Affinities and Adaptations. Edited by William S. and Albert B. Harper, xi + 340 pp., illustrations, maps, index. Gustav Fischer, New York and Stuttgart, 1979. $29.80. Distributed in North America by Verlag Chemie International, Inc., Deerfield Beach, FL 33441. (Reviewed by Gary M. Heathcote, Erindale College)