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Human Genetics: A Selection of Insights. Edited by W. J. Schull and R. Chakraborty. xvi + 361 pp. Benchmark Papers in Genetics 10, Dowden, Hutchinson and Ross, Stroudsburg, PA 1979. $30.00. (Reviewed by Jean W. MacCluer, Pennsylvania State University) Genetics of Human Populations. By A. Jacquard. English edition by D. M. Yermanos. 192 pp. Freeman, Cooper & Co., San Francisco, 1978. $9.80 (Reviewed by Stephen L. Zegura, University of Arizona) Environment, Behavior, and Morphology: Dynamic Interactions in Pri­mates. Edited by M. E. Morbeck, H. Preuschoft, and N. Gom- berg. xiv + 410 pp. Gustav Fischer, New York and Stuttgart. (Reviewed by Matt Cartmill, Duke University Medical Center) Human Behaviour and Adaptation. Edited by V. Reynolds and N. Blurton Jones. Symposia of the Society for the Study of Human Biology, Volume 18. vii + 303 pp. Taylor & Francis Ltd, London, 1978. $30.00. (Reviewed by Marshall G. Hurlich, University of Washington) Sex Determination and Sexual Dimorphism in Mammals. By A.Glucksmann. ix + 179 pp. Crane, Russak & Company, New York, 1979. $13.50. (Reviewed by Roberta L. Hall, Oregon State University)