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Variation in Morphology of Teeth; Anthropologic and Forensic Aspects. By R. M. S. Taylor, xxiii + 384 pp. Charles C. Thomas,. Springfield, Illinois, 1978. $54.50. (Reviewed by Eugenie C. Scott, University of Kentucky) Ecologic Human Biology in Japan. By E. Takahashi. xi + 218 pp.Medical Information Services, Inc., Tokyo, 1978. $27.00. (Reviewed by Jere D. Haas, Cornell University) Education and Physical Growth. By J. M. Tanner. Second edition. 144 pp. International Universities Press, Inc., New York, 1978. $13.50. (Reviewed by Patricia S. Gindhard, American University) Paleoneurology. By V. I. Kochetkova. Edited by H. J. Jerison. vii + 340 pp. V. H. Winston and Sons, Washington, D. C., 1978. $24.95. (Reviewed by Fred H. Smith, University of Tennessee) Genetic Effects on Aging. Edited by D. Bergsma and D. E. Harrison. xiv + 536 pp. Alan R. Liss, Inc., New York, 1978. $50.00. (Reviewed by Gary A. Borkan, VA Outpatient Clinic, Boston) Evolutionary Models and Studies in Human Diversity. Edited by R. J. Meier, C. M. Otten, F. Abdel-Hameed. xiii + 376 pp. Mouton Publishers, Paris, 1978. $36.75. (Reviewed by Jack Kelso, University of Colorado)