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The dermatoglyphics of 189 boys and 196 girls both of whose parents are Moroccans living in Brussels were examined for qualitative traits (digital and palmar patterns, position of axial triradii, terminations of main lines and Wilder’s types) and quantitative traits (digital, palmar and interdigital pattern intensities, a-b ridge-count, main line index and mean D-line termination). The observed values agree with the few published data for Mediterranean populations for frequencies of whorls and digital pattern intensity. A trend towards Black African values was observed, with lower frequencies of arches and radial loops on index fingers, higher patterning on thenar, more frequent termination of D-line in 7 and 7-5-5 type, leading to a lower mean D-line termination, scarcity of distal axial triradius t” and lower a-b ridge-count. However the higher patterning in the inter-digital areas of the palm, characteristic of Black populations was not observed.