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This paper reports preliminary observations on morphological characters, odon­tometry, tooth position and occlusion of Bhutanese dentition, based on 42 pairs of dental casts of male students ranging in age from 17 to 23 years. Bhutanese show a high frequency of shovelling of incisors, however the incidence of Carabelli’s cusp on first molar is very low. Little variation in the crown of maxillary lateral incisors is seen. Mandibular molars show complete absence of cusps 6 and 7. Canines of both the jaws are most variable for buccolingual diameter and crown index, robustness value and crown module. Psaliodont type of incisor relation, parabolic type of arch and class I type of molar relation predominate in this group. Bhutanese show more resemblance for different morphological characters with Chinese populations than with Indian populations.