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Densitometric and anthropometric determinations were performed on a biracial sample of 242 youths aged 6-16 years in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Black children were found to have less body fat than White children and boys less than girls. Median densities reflecting these differences were 1.060, 1.049, 1.044, and 1.035 gm/cc for Black boys, White boys, Black girls, and White girls respectively. Correlations of —0.73 to —0.87 were found between body density and different skinfolds and —0.27 to —0.89 between density and circumference at various locations. Stepwise multi­ple regression analyses with density as the dependent variable and selected anthropometric measurements as independent variables resulted in multiple R2 between 0.77 and 0.90 for the different race-sex groups. Equations for the prediction of density from anthropometric measures are presented. These analyses indicated that each race and sex group requires different standards in the estimate of body composition parameters.