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Body volume, upper and lower extremity volumes and body density were measured on 200 young Indian girls aged 10-19 years. Since the proportions of extremity volumes to total body volume did not vary significantly in different age groups, regression analysis was conducted to estimate both body volume & density from such volumes. The extremity volumes were significantly correlated with body volume (r = 0.93, 0.94) and body density (r = 0.60, 0.60). However, for an accurate assessment of body fat these cannot replace the measurement of whole body density. A set of 38 measurements was also taken on the extremities of these girls and it was noticed that such measurements could replace the extremity volumes for re­gressing total body volume, without any compromise with the precision of the estimate. Highly significant multiple correlation coefficients were obtained between total body volume and upper and lower extremity measurements (r = 0.96 and 0.97).