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Book Review


The Biology of Human Action. By Vernon Reynolds, xv -I- 269 pp. W.H. Freeman and Company Limited, Reading, Pennsylvania and SanFrancisco, California, 1976. $11.95 hardcover, $6.50 softcover. (Reviewed by Robert B. Eckhardt, The Pennsylvania State University) Development of the Human Dentition. By Frans P. G. M. van der Linden and Herman S. Duterloo. ix T 300 pp. Harper and Row, Inc., Hagerstown, Maryland, 1976. $35.00. (Reviewed by Robert H. Biggerstaff, University of Kentucky) Dentitions of Living Primates. By Daris B. Swindler, xvii + 308 pp.Academic Press, New York, 1976. $26.75. (Reviewed by R. H. Biggerstaff, University of Kentucky) The Distribution of the Human Blood Groups and Other Polymorphisms, Second edition. By A. E. Mourant, Ada Kopec and Kazimiera Domaniewska-Sobczak. 1055 pp. Oxford University Press, Lon­don, 1976. (Reviewed by Emöke J.E. Szathmary, McMaster University) Prehistoric Human Skeletal Remains from Papua New Guinea and the Marquesas. By Michael Pietruswesky. Asian and Pacific Archaeol­ogy Series, Number 7, University Press of Hawaii, Honolulu, 1976. $5.75. (Reviewed by David W. Frayer, University of Kansas)