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Anthropological Studies of Human Fertility. Edited by B. A. Kaplan, v+ 146 pp. Wayne State University Press, Detroit, 1976. $8.95. (Reviewed by Charles A Weitz, Temple University) Man in the Andes: A Multidisciplinary Study of High-Altitude Quechua. Edited hy Paul T. Baker and Michael A. Little, xx -I- 482 pp.Dowden, Hutchinson and Ross Inc., Stroudsburg, Pa., 1976. (Reviewed by William A. Stini, University of Arizona) The Selfish Gene. By Richard Dawkins, xi + 224 pp. Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford, 1976. $8.95 (hardback) and The Use and Abuse of Biology. By Marshall Sahlins. xv + 120 pp. Uni­versity of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1976. $3.95 (paperback). (Reviewed by Paul W. Sherman, University of California) Paleopathological Diagnosis and Interpretation. By R. Ted Steinbock. xvi + 423 pages. Charles C Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, 1976. $22.75. (Reviewed by Michael R. Zimmerman, University of Pennsylvania) iosocial Interrelations in Population Adaptation. Edited by Elizabeth S. Watts, Francis E. Johnston and Gabriel W. Lasker. xi + 412 pp. Mouton Publishers, The Hague, 1976. $24.50. (Reviewed by Robert J. Meier, Indiana University)