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This paper is an attempt to give a quantitative impression of the limitations of the two-component model for the estimation of the lean body mass (LBM) of the human body. Percentage LBM was estimated in 23 young adult men by the densitometric method as well as some anthropometric methods, which have been verified with the densitometric method. An analysis of the two-component model residted in an uncertainty, expressed as standard deviation, of approximately 4% body weight in the percentage LBM estimated hv the densitometric method. This uncertainty is mainly determined by the interindividual variability in the density of the LBM. It is concluded that: 1. A correlation based on the LBM expressed as a weight is a pseudo-correlation. 2. A correlation based on the LBM relative to body weight only has value if reported together with a measure of the variability in the sample, for instance, the range in body density.


see document "Erratum from 50-1"