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In 1972, data were obtained on birth rank, sex, body weight, crown-heel length, crown-rump length, circumference of head and arm, thickness of skin and subcutaneous fat at triceps and subscapular sites of 273 Jewish neonates born at Jerusalem and measured within 24 hours after birth. Information was also secured on social class of father, age and education of mother, duration of gestation and whether mother was born in Europe, North Africa, America, Israel or parts of Asia other than Israel. Statistically significant differences between neonates separated ac­cording to geographical region from which their mothers immigrated were found for weight, total length, and crown-rump length but not for head circumference, arm circumference or the measures of subcutaneous fat tissue.The means of body weight, crown-heel length and crown-rump length were highest in the newborn of North African origin. When controlling for age and education of mother, social class of father, birth rank and sex of baby and duration of gestation the primary findings indicate that the neonate of European origin is somewhat heavier in body weight and longer in crown-heel and crown-rump length than the North African neonate. The neonate of Asian origin was the least heavy and shortest in length. About 25% of the variance is explained hy the variables in the analysis