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Human Population Genetics in India. Proceedings of the First Con­ference of The Indian Society of Human Genetics, Vol. 1. Edited by L. D. Sanghvi, V. Balakrishnanm, H. M. Bhatia, P. K. Suku- maran, and J. V. Undevia. xi + 288 pp. Orient Longman Ltd., New Delhi, 1974. $22.00. (Reviewed by Russell M. Reid, University of Texas at Austin) Patterns of Human Variation. The Demography, Genetics, and Phenetics of Bougainville Islanders. Jonathan Scott Friedlaender, xv + 252 pp. Harvard University’ Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1975. $20.00. (Reviewed by Robert J. Meier, Indiana University) Paleoserology: Blood Typing With the Fluorescent Antibody Method. by I. A. Lengyl. 240 pp. Akademiai Kiado, Budapest, 1975. $15.00 (Reviewed by Michael R. Zimmerman, University of Pennsylvania) Closed Birth Intervals: A Data Analytic Study, by Stanislaus D Souza. 132 pp. Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 1974. $3.10 approx. (Rs25.(X)). (Reviewed by Kenneth M. Weiss, University of Texas) The Genetic Basis of Evolutionary Change. By B. C. Lewontin. 346 pp. Columbia University Press, New York. 1974. $12.50 ($4.50 paper). (Reviewed by Donald J. Nash, Colorado State University) Obese Humans and Rats. By Stanley Schachter and Judith Bodin. ix + 182 pp. Halsted Press, New York, 1974. $10.95. (Reviewed by R. M. Siervogel, Fels Research Institute) Nutrition, Growth and Development. Edited by ClPRlANO A. Canosa. x + 272 pp. (Modern Problems in Paediatrics, Vol. 14). S. Karger, Basel, 1975. $35.(X). (Reviewed by Phyllis B. Eveleth, University of Pennsylvania) Bevolkerungsbiologie (Biology of Human Populations). Edited by W. Bkrnhard and A. Kandlfr. xxiv + 730 pp. Fischer, Stuttgart, 1974. DM 190. (Reviewed by Wilton M. Krogman, Lancaster, Pennsylvania)