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Human Ecology. Edited by F. Sargent II. xii + 475 pp. North-Holland Publishing Company, Amsterdam. 1974. $34.75. (Reviewed by R. Brooke Thomas, University of Massachusetts) The Assessment of Population Affinities in Man. Edited by J. S. Weiner andJ. Huizinga, viii + 224 pp. Clarendon Press, Oxford, England. 1972. $20.50. (Reviewed by Michael Crawford, University of Kansas) Genetic Distance. Compiled by J. F. Crow and C. Denniston. 195 pp. Plenum Publishing Corporation, New York. 1974. $19.50. (Reviewed by Donald J. Nash, Colorado State University) Medical Genetics Today, Birth Defects. Edited by D. Bergsma, D. L. Bimoin, B. N. Schimke, and N. W. Paul. 304 pp. Original Article Series Vol X, No. 10. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore. 1974. $20.00. $20.00 (Reviewed by Richard Spielman, University of Pennsylvania) The Concepts of Human Evolution. Edited by S. Zuckerman. xiv + 480 pp. Proceedings of symposium to commemorate the centenary of Grafton Elliot Smith. Academic Press, New York. 1974. $29.00. (Reviewed by Akkaraju Sarma, Temple University) How Mammals Run—Anatomical Adaptations. By P. P. Gamraryan. Translated from the Russian by F. A. Jenkins, Jr. 357 pp. Halsted Press, New York. 1974. $24.95. (Reviewed by Peter Dodson, University of Pennsylvania) The Origin and Evolution of Man: Readings in Physical Anthropology.Edited by A. Montagu, xii + 588 pp. Thomas Y Crowell Company,New York. 1973. (paper). (Reviewed by Marcus S. Goldstein, Tel Aviv, Israel)