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This study investigated the relationship between the time and the amount of maximum growth increments of mandibular length, height and weight using the records of 111 females from age 4 to 14 years from the Burlington Growth Centre. Skeletal age was determined from radiographs using the Greulieh and Pyle inspectional method. Mandibular length was measured from lateral cephalograms.Generally, the mandibular growth increments demonstrated a gradual decrease from age 4 to 14 years. At about age 12 years, this pattern was interrupted by a sharp acceleration in growth. Increase in height and weight also followed this pattern with a maximum increase occurring at an age which correlated with the time of maximum growth in mandibular length. Mandibular length reached its maximum at the same age as height, but earlier than weight. A relationship was also seen between the amount of maximum height, weight and mandibular length increments. No relation could be seen between the ages and amounts of any of the maximum increments.