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Parent-child correlations for stature and weight from 24 studies of school aged children are reviewed. The samples represent a variety of genetic and environmental backgrounds. There is considerable variability among samples for all of the parent-offspring comparisons (father-son, mother-son, father-daughter, and mother-daughter). Samples of European ancestry have higher parent-child correlations for stature than samples of non-European ancestry. Absence of assortative mating, reduced parent­offspring environmental correlations, and malnutrition which might in­crease the environmental component of the variance, are factors contributing to lower parent-child correlations among non-European samples. Heritability of stature in school aged children as given by the midparent-child regression, varies from 31% to 58% among six of the samples reviewed. These heritabilities are somewhat lower than those obtained by doubling the parent-child correlations, and are considerably lower than those obtained by twin methods.