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Behavioral Regulators of Behavior in Primates. Edited by C. H. Carpenter. 303 pp. Bucknell University Press, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. 1972. $27.50. (Reviewed by Robert S. O. Harding, University of Pennsylvania) Heredity and Society. Edited by I. H. Porter and R. G. Skalko. xi + 324 pp. Academic Press, New York. 1973. $11.00. (Reviewed by Charlotte M. Otten, Northern Illinois University) Morphology of the Australian Shull; Studied by Multivariate Analysis. By T. Brown. Australian Aboriginal Studies No. 49. viii + 140 pp. Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, Canberra. 1973. $A8.00. (Reviewed by W. W. Howells, Harvard University) Congenital Malformations. Edited by F. C. Fraser and V. A. McKusick.xvi + 450 pp. Excerpta Medica, New York. 1970. $27.50. (Reviewed by Laura Lamberti, University of Turin (Italy)) Personality Differences and Biological Variations: A Study of Twins. By G.Claridge, S. Canter, and W. I. Hume, viii + 175 pp. PergamonPress, New York. 1973. $11.40 (Reviewed by Daniel Hanson, University of Minnesota)