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Populations of North Sinai, Bedouins of Bayadia and Akharsa tribes and city dwellers have been studied for some erythrocytes and serum factors. There were no signif­cant differences found in the ABO blood groups; gene frequency ranges arer 0.5978- 0.6601, P 0.2055.-0.2472, and q 0.1148-0.1708. Rh d factor is 0.3889 in Bayadia, 0.4052 in Akharsa and 0.2425 in city dwellers. A single hemoglobin variant, Hb D Sinai was detected among 240 Bedouins tested. G-6-PD deficiency was lower in Akharsa (3.07%) than in Bayadia (8.92%) and city dwellers (7.48%); GdA gene frequency was 1.5% in Bedouins (Bayadia and Akharsa) and 4.5% in city dwellers; PGDC was 7% in Bedouins and 5% in city dwellers. AK2 gene frequency was identical in both Bedouins and city dwellers (2%). Acid Phosphatase variants in North Sinai Bedouins were; Pa 0.2400 and Ph 0.7600; in city dwellers; Pa 0.1458, Ph 0.8542, Hp1 values in Bayadia, Akharsa and city dwellers were 0.3447, 0.2728 and 0.3312 respectively