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The 111 females of the serial experimental sample of the Burlington Growth Centre were assigned to four groups by age of maximum increments in height. Mean height, weight and mandibular length were determined for each group at ages 8 to 14 and 16: and weight at the time of maximum gain in weight. Variance in the three variables at the times of their maximum increments, and at ages 8 to 14, and 16 were determined for the total sample. The earlier the statural maturity of the group: the greater was their mean weight, height and mandibular length; the greater was their weight for their height, and weight for mandibular length; and the greater was their gain in weight, height and mandibular length from age 8 to 12. By age 16 the late statural maturers had caught up to the early maturers in height but not in mandibular length. Maximum increments in weight did not occur at an invariant mean weight: early maturers in stature weighed more than late maturers. Variance in weight as well as in height and mandibular length was less at time of maximum increments in height than at time of maximum increments in weight or mandibular length.