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Grip strength, arm strength, and heart rate response to a sub-maximal exercise (step test) were measured in approximately 2500 males and 2000 females, age 10-69, as a part of the Tecumseh Community Health Study. A relative strength index was formed from the separate strength tests and cor­rected for body size by canonical analysis. Comparisons were made between children and parents, between siblings and between spouses in these variables as well as for height and fatness (sum of four skinfolds).Strength and heart rate response to exercise of children were clearly related to those of their parents. The relationship was weaker than that for height but about the same as for skinfolds. The relationship was stronger for younger children probably indicating less influences of non-family environmental factors. Strength, heart rate response to exercise and body fatness were related among siblings but the relationships were not as strong as for stature. Husbands and wives were similar in strength, body fatness and height but there was little similarity in heart rate response to exercise.