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Anterior tooth size trends of four species of African Old World monkeys were examined. Means, ranges, standard deviations, and coefficients of variations were presented for mesiodistal and buccolingual tooth diameters of each species by sex. Hypothesis of equality of means between sexes and between species were tested using a small sample t-statistic. Sexual differences in tooth size were significant for all teeth of Papio cynocephalus and Cercocebus albigena but only for the C4-P.j complex of Cercopithecus spp. These three genera were easily distinguishable on the basis of gross size trends and the two species of Cercopithecus were significantly different except in maxillary incisor size. Both sexes of all three genera showed an enlarged C4-P;1 complex. The demonstration of enlarged canines and sectorial mandibular third premolars in a wide variety of Old World monkeys indicated a common trend within these species.