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Evolution, Mammals, and Southern Continents. Edited by Allen Keast, Frank C. Erk, and Bentley Glass. State University of New York Press, 1972. $17.50 hardback, $12.50 microfiche. (Reviewed by Thomas C. Patterson, Temple University) The Influence of Teeth, Diet, and Habits on the Human Face. By D. M.Davies, vi + 158 pp. Heineman Medical Books, Ltd. London, 1972 ( £ 2.75, $8.75). (Reviewed by W. M. Krogman, Lancaster (PA) Cleft Palate Clinic) Problems in Human Biology. A Study of Brazilian Populations. By Francisco M. Salzano and Newton Freire-Maia. X + 176 pp. Wayne State University Press, Detroit. 1970. $8.95. (Reviewed by Michael H. Crawford, University of Kansas)