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Physique was compared between 163 peptic ulcer decedents (79 gastric and 84 duodenal) and 163 controls matched by year of birth. All men were measured anthropometrically while at Harvard University, at a mean age of 20 years, and a smaller number was photographed for body-type ratings. Although differences were in the direction expected from previous studies, only one of 17 differences was statistically significant (i.e., neck girth). The 79 gastric ulcer decedents were .8 kg lighter (not significant) and had a significantly smaller mean neck girth, in comparison with their controls. According to gynandromorphy ratings, duodenal ulcer decedents were significantly more masculine than gastric ulcer decedents. As age at death increased height tended to decrease among duodenal ulcer decedents but tended to increase among gastric ulcer decedents. These data provide further support for a distinction between gastric and duodenal ulcer.