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Human Populations, Genetic Variation, and Evolution. Edited byLaura N. Morris, x + 500 pages. Chandler, San Francisco. 1971.$10.00 (Reviewed by Charles A. Weitz, Temple University) The Genetic Metabolic and Developmental Aspects of Retardation. Edited by R. F. Murray and P. L. Rosser, C. C. Thomas, Spring- field, Ill. 1972. $16.75. (Reviewed by D. F. Roberts, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne) Metric Trends in Hominid Dental Evolution. Rv Milford II. Wolroff. xii + 244 pp. Case Western Reserve University Studies in Anthro­pology no. 2, Cleveland & London, 1971. ($5.95) (Reviewed by Lucile E. St. Hoyme, Smithsonian Institution) Population Groicth: Anthropological Implications. Edited by Brian Spooner. The MIT Press, Boston. 1972. $15.00 (Reviewed by Thomas C. Patterson, Temple University)