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Some genetic blood markers and anthropometry of the inhabitants of Siwa Oasis are studied. The former included hemoglobin variants, blood grouping, G-6-PD screening, electrophoretic typing of red cell enzymes (C-6-PD, 6-PGD, AK and acid phosphatase) and haptoglobin typing. The data are compared with the existing information in Egypt, African and Mediterranean countries. Hb S and Hb G were found in 22.17% and 0.49% of cases tested re­spectively. Blood group study indicated high frequency of B gene (16%) with relatively low incidence of A gene (22%). The incidence of G-6-PD deficiency was 9.2% and type A+ subjects were 22%. A marked frequency of PGD1' gene ( 16% ) was observed. None of the individuals tested showed AK2 gene. The general distribution of acid phosphatase genes was comparable to that found in Negroes. The haptoglobin pattern was close to those reported in African Negroes. The anthropometric data revealed the heterogeneity of modern Siwa natives and were consistent with the blood factors study. Both point to an admixture of Siwans with African Negroes, a conclusion which is corroborated by historical records.