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Hand reaction time (RT) and movement time (MT) measures were secured annually on a sample of 146 boys from ages 7 to 13 as part of the Saskatch­ewan Child Growth and Development Study. Total body reaction time (BRT) increases were secured on the same subjects for the ages 10 through 13 years of age. Analyses of the data showed a significant decrease in time (increasing speed) from 7 to 11 years for hand RT and from 7 to 9 years for hand MT with a plateau occurring thereafter. BRT decreased significantly (increasing speed) with advancing age over the entire age range studied (10 to 13 years). Analysis of the data to investigate the influence of selected parameters (socio-economic level, skeletal age, sports activity, body fat, strength and aerobic power) on RT, MT and BRT was performed by com­paring times secured from extreme groups. Results indicated that of the factors studied only strength was important in terms of hand RT and BRT.