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The face characters of 84 Japanese-American hybrids were examined longi­tudinally from 6th to 15th year of age by Martin’s cephalometric method. The data obtained were analysed in comparison with those of parental populations and discussed from the growth and genetic viewpoints.There was little differences in the growth pattern between hybrids and their parental groups except in a few measurements. Racial characteristics of facial proportions appeared by 6 years of age or earlier and were unchanged until 15 years of age, with the exception of the transverse nose index of Negro hybrids. In this case, Negroid characteristics prevail over Japanese ones during the adolescent period. In many characters of the face, hybrids took a position near to the Japanese, but remote from the Americans. This lead us to the conviction of the dominance of the Mongoloid face over the Caucasoid or Negroid as far as the metric characters are con­cerned. The nose breadth of the Negro hybrids was remarkable for the unique pattern of the age change and its values were finally similar to those of the American Negroes. Detailed analysis ended in the conclusion that the Negroid factor was dominant to the Mongoloid one in the case of the nose breadth.