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To study the relationship between various leg measurements and leg strength and between relative endurance performance and leg measurements, a total of 55 female college students (mean age = 20 yr., mean wt. = 60 kg) served as subjects. For the strength test, 30 subjects performed two static leg ex­tension tests (cable tensiometer) in a seated position with both the right and left leg. The endurance test was performed on two occasions (N = 15), and consisted of a 4 min step-up test at the initial rate of 50 steps/min. Perform­ance was defined as the total number of step-ups completed in the 4 minutes. The major findings included no significant correlations ( f — <.51) between the various leg measurements and relative endurance performance or static strength. Body weight correlated r = —.16 with step performance. The highest correlation with right and left static strength was r = .46 and r = .40 (P < .05) with right and left leg weight, respectively. When these correlations were corrected for attenuation from unreliability they increased in magnitude to r= .74 and r = .51, respectively.