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The Brain in Hominid Evolution. By P. V. Tobias, xv + 170 pp. Columbia U. Press, New York, 1971. $10.00. (Reviewed by Alan Mann, University of Pennsylvania) Biological Aspects of Demography. Edited by W. Brass. Symposia of the Society for the Study of Human Biology, Volume 10. viii + 167 pp. Taylor and Francis Ltd., London and Barnes and Noble, N.Y. 1971. $10.50. (Reviewed by J. Lawrence Angel, Smithsonian Institution) Coefficients of Biological Distance. By T. S. Constandse-Westermann. vii + 142 pp., 6 figures. Anthropological Publications, Oosterhout, The Netherlands, 1972. (Reviewed by Jonathan S. Friedlaender, Harvard University) Tcxtlfook of Human Genetics. By M. Levitan and A. Montagu, xiv + 922 pp. Oxford University Press, New York, 1971. $15.00. (Reviewed by Mark L. Weiss, Wayne State University) Cranio-facial Growth in Man. Edited by R. E. Moyers and W. M. Krogman. Pergamon Press, Oxford and New York, v + 360 pp. 1971. $18.75. (Reviewed by Daris R. Swindler, University of Washington)