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Human Genetics in Poland

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Review Article


Human genetics in Poland is in a vigorous state of development, with ad­vances in knowledge being made not only in clinical genetics, but also in population work. There is a further aspect, perhaps not spectacular but surely the most responsible, the preparation of a synthesis of the problems of human genetics, and the generalisations that follow. Of particular interest are the works by J. Steffen (Wst^p do genetyki czlowieka—Introduction to Human Genetics), 1965, K. Boczkowski (Cytogenetyka kliniczna—Clinical Cytogenetics), 1970, and A. Horst (Patologia molekulama—Molecular Pa­thology) 1971. The last named, and the monograph Podstawy Genetyki czlowieka (Fundamentals of Medical Genetics) 1970 were published simul­taneously in Polish and Russian in Warsaw and Moscow. Such reviews are essential to appraise the present state of work in any subject, and to enable new trends to be discerned.