Date of Award

Winter 5-2-2018

Thesis Access

Open Access Honors Thesis

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Honors College

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Rita Casey


Children acquire the skills of emotional competence in a variety of contexts, and demonstrate through their behavior the skills evident of emotional competence. Such skills include a sense of well-being, adaptive resilience in the face of stressful circumstances, and the ability to manage their own emotions (Saarni, 2000). Mindfulness, a relatively new construct in the study of human development, is nonjudgmentally paying attention to relevant aspects of our experiences, including our own emotions and thoughts (Ludwig & Kabat-Zinn, 2008). Stress is emotional or mental strain resulting from adverse or very demanding life circumstances, such as our living environment (Lunney, 2006). The current study undertaken at Wayne State University in the Laboratory of Emotional Development collected data from local, clinically referred children on a number of individual and environmental parameters, some of which are family stress, parental mindfulness, and children’s emotional competence. My thesis examines the relationship between the first two parameters and their correlation with the third.